Your Style, Your Way, My Hands

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Welcome, all.

If you have an idea, but haven't seen it made, I enjoy the challenge of creating the first.

I hope you enjoy what you see, and please feel free to visit me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram (creationsbycourtneyllc). 

All items are handmade with quality materials. Much care and thought is taken to encapsulate a customer's ideas for custom orders.

In the modern world, just about anything can be turned into a yarn for use- plant fiber (rayon, cotton, linen), animal fiber (wool, mohair, angora) or manmade material (acrylic, metallic, recycled t-shirt)

I am a lover of fashion! I just happen to create it with yarn and a hook. I enjoy sharing my interpretations of modern and classic fashion.

I excel at challenging ideas and not sticking your Grandmother's style. It can be a use of classic styles in a modern, fashionable way.

Creativity is awesome.

Just crochet it.